Award Has Made Me More Responsible

Being a gold Award participant has definitely made me a more responsible, creative and adventurous person and has helped me sharpen the best version of myself.  I personally have developed a broader horizon of thinking on every aspect of life. Choosing Zumba

Award Gave Me An Opportunity To Fulfill My Wishes

I remember when I was in Grade VIII, I decided to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award out of curiosity. It was a new experience to get involved in three different activities at the same time. I have always been

As an Award Leader of Rato Bangala School

Since my childhood, I consider myself to be a dedicated, humorous, empathetic and nature loving person. By profession I am a Psychology teacher and a Guidance Counselor. The role model has always been my father; who not only encouraged me to admire

Opportunities of a lifetime

In the 5 years since I have been a part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, completing Bronze and on my way to completing Gold (with a little break in between and some delay), I have had the opportunity to step

Experience Working For The Award

If there was one solution to alleviate the issues currently faced by our country Nepal, it would be through the power of the youth with our innovative outlook, cutting-edge skills and limitless energy. However, due to lack of opportunities and self-empowerment, we

More than just being an Award Leader

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award and has been running in more than 130 countries since it began in 1956, with a vision to reach as many youths as possible across the globe and equip

Developing my skills through the Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was a programme I had never heard of before, one that I came to know of only when my teachers announced that 8th grade students could now participate in the Bronze Award. Still unaware of what

Success is a journey, not a destination

Hello I am Ajay Kumar Sah. I recently graduated in A-Level from GEMS. When I heard about Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award at my high-school in grade 12, I decided to explore this opportunity. After the orientation about the Award, I felt

An exciting Journey to Manichuud

It was exciting day (23rd December 2017) for us to go to Manichud as a practice journey of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Manichud is a small and beautiful village. It is located above Sankhu . It is approximately 10 KM