The Adult Volunteer Conference is an opportunity for all the volunteers involved in the Award to come together and learn from the  experts in their field. The event endeavors to refuel their motivation to inspire young people to transform their lives and

Award Engagement Session follow-up meetings

Thank you all for taking part in our Award Engagement Session, we had the opportunity to meet with three organization to speak about possible collaboration opportunity with them; Teach for Nepal, Childreach Nepal and Children Nepal. We have positive responses from there

Second Adult Volunteer Conference

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Nepal is proud to launch its Second Adult Volunteer Conference, an event bringing together organizations and individuals across education and youth development to discuss how the Award works within these sectors to provide opportunities to the

Government School Pilot Project

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Nepal is starting a pilot in a Government School, as a new initiative to reach more underprivileged and marginalized groups. This pilot will be conducted in one Government school to see the feasibility and as a

A Trip to Remember

June 20 2019, we all from Ullens were taken to India for an educational tour as part of the Practice Journey for the Duke of Edinburgh International. The main purpose of the trip was to educate young minds. On June 23, all

 The Duke of Edinburgh’s 16th Award Leader Training

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award organised its 16th Award leader training on Saturday July 8th, 2019. The Award hosted 15 Award Leaders from all over Nepal. The Training Program was conducted by Master Trainers Ramchandra Parajuli along with Ian Jones, Chandrayan Shrestha