A trip to remember 

Award participants of Silver level from SOS Children’s Village Lumbini have successfully completed Adventurous Journey Section of their award. 26 Award participants and 3 Award leaders 5 Accesses (3 award leaders and 2 team manages including a Trekking Guide) from SOS Children’s Village

Award Engagement Session “Thank You”

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Award Engagement Session organized by the Duke of Edinburgh International Award on May 17, 2019. There were 15 organization who attended the Award Engagement Session, the enthusiasm and commitment from each organization was very inspiring. We got a

Government School Pilot Project

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is moving forward, we are now focused on making the program available to underprivileged and marginalized youth of Nepal. As a part of this new initiative we are launching a pilot project to involve the Government schools in

Learning Realm International School visit

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award presented at LRI school on Monday May 20, 2019, with a huge turnout of 200 students the presentation was a great success. The presentation was done for students on 9th grade; there was much support for the